Go East

Inspired by the flavour’s of the East, enjoy as a perfect meeting room lunch or to feed the team who are respecting social distancing

Charred Ginger Sesame Roast Salmon & Greens!

Delicious Fragrant Asian Salmon Served with Silky Sesame Egg Noodles & Green Asian Vegetables

Contains: Fish/Gluten/Egg/Sesame


Miso Baked Aubergines & Peanut Roasted Tofu Bowl

Plant Based Favourites served with Steamed Wholesome Brown Rice & Asian Greens

Contains: Sesame/Soyabeans


Satay Chicken Ginger Egg Noodles Green Sesame Veg & Chopped Peanuts

Fragrant Chicken Satay, Served with Silky Ginger Sesame Egg Noodles, Iron Rich Green Vegetables & Sprinkled with Toasted Chopped Peanuts
Served with a Side of Spring Rolls & a Little Dipping Sauce served in a Bento Box

Contains: Gluten/Egg/Peanuts/Sesame/Soya


Spiced Mango Curried Chicken with Vegetable Biyani Rice Salad Bowl with a Mint Yogourt Dressing. Served with a Vegetable Samosa

Sticky Mildly Curried Chicken, Fragrant & Vegetable Packed Rice Served with a Cooling Yogourt Dip. Topped off with a Crispy Samosa
Served in a Bento Box

Contains: Gluten/Mustard/Celery/Milk/Egg


Sweet Chilli Roast Chicken Bibimbap Bowl

Sesame & Soya Bean Steamed Brown Rice Topped with a Korean Inspired Rainbow of Fragrant Chicken & Vegetables
All Crowned with a Chilli Sesame Fried Egg

Contains: Egg/Sesame